Friday, September 30, 2005

Backwaters and beyond

Poovar is an island hugged by the waters of the backwaters and the sea. This snap was taken from a boat on the backwaters and you can see the strip of land separating the sea from the backwater.

Floral fiesta

It happens only in India! Yellow and white flowers in water stored in a traditional stone vessel. So simple, yet so elegant!

Fisher boats at rest

Fisher boats at rest
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The fishermen haul their load of fish to the land and leave their boats to rest in the sand savouring the salt in the air and the bask in the soft rays of the evening sun. A very tranquil sight indeed!

Kerala's dominant symbol

Kerala's dominant symbol
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Did you know that Kerala gets its name from the 'Kera' tree or the coconut tree as the rest of the world knows it? If you are fortunate to land in this lush green land through air, you will know why it is named after coconuts, since over miles and miles of land,all you can see around you are coconut trees! So, lo behold the dominant symbol of Kerala, the coconut! :-)

Sunset at Poovar

Check out this beautiful sunset view taken from Poovar island resort in Kerala!